Article 32 letter to the Italian Health Ministry

On October 3rd 2022, the Association Article 32 sent a letter to the Italian Health Ministry on protection of health rights for European Institutions staff members with fiscal residence in Italy. Read the full document (in Italian)

Negato a 7mila italiani il medico di base

Una serie di equivoci tra la Commissione di Bruxelles e il nostro ministero della Salute alla base dell’assurda decisione Luciano Moia, Avvenire, 2 October 2022 Read the article (in Italian only)

Wellbeing workshop “12 tips to improve your work-life balance (a reminder)”

Work-life balance is a key part of self-care when juggling the responsibilities of your working day, home life, and relationships with your family members and other loved ones. Work-life balance is often used to describe a trade-off. You balance the time spent on work projects versus time spent with family, friends, and personal interests. We […]

USF Newsletter September 2022 on negotiations between the EC and the Italian Authorities on access to National Health Insurance Scheme

Following a recent decision by PMO, there is a plan to abolish the Italian National health card altogether for staff residing in Italy. Affiliates of the Joint Health Insurance Scheme residing in Italy are all entitled to coverage by the Italian National Health Service, as Article 32 of the constitution and downstream legislation that provides […]

A Petition against DG HR and PMO’s proposal on limited access to the Italian National Health Service SSN (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale)

This important initiative from the Ispra trade union group is a petition against loosing the right to national and European health coverage. We invite all EUI Employees Union members – and also all EUI colleagues – to sign this petition by filling out this short form by Monday 20 June at 12.00.

US newsletter – April 2022

In the latest US newsletter: “European Trade Union Federations say Commission must limit its power over social dialogue”. We could not agree more: trade union rights are human rights! Social dialogue cannot be unilateral, it needs collaboration from BOTH the administration and the trade unions/ staff representations. You can learn more about this statement here. […]

Employees Union’s donations for Ukraine refugees

The Executive Committee of the Employees Union decided during its first meeting on 15 March 2022 to donate 2000 EUR to the EUI refugees initiative, and 2000 EUR to the Italian Red Cross, to support Ukraine refugees. For more information on other EU staff solidarity initiatives for the people of Ukraine, please visit the USF […]

Legal Newsletter of Union Syndicale – Bruxelles

Union Syndicale will keep you regularly informed about latest developments in EU case law on staff matters and other useful legal news relevant for staff. It will treat subjects like e.g. your rights in promotion, invalidity, entitlements and benefits, pension, the duty of care, holidays, insurance, damage claims, filing complaints and procedural questions as well […]

A new issue of the magazine of the European and International Public Service!

In this 86th edition, find out everything you wanted to know about social security in the European civil service! From the coordination of social security to the basics of JSIS, from sick leave to the Commission’s response to the pandemic, you can also find out more about Union Syndicale in the “About US” section! Read […]