Legal Newsletters of Union Syndicale – Bruxelles

Union Syndicale will keep you regularly informed about latest developments in EU case law on staff matters and other useful legal news relevant for staff. It will treat subjects like e.g. your rights in promotion, invalidity, entitlements and benefits, pension, the duty of care, holidays, insurance, damage claims, filing complaints and procedural questions as well […]

AGORA 84 has just been published!

In this 84th issue of our biannual magazine Agora, we discuss, as you can imagine, the coronavirus crisis. In particular, we look at the consequences of COVID-19 on the working conditions of the European public administration and the lessons we can learn from the upheavals caused by this pandemic. Discover our articles on telework and […]

Assemblea generale degli Iscritti – 25 giugno 2020

Giovedì 25 giugno si terrà un Assemblea generale degli Iscritti tramite la piattaforma ZOOM, nel rispetto delle norme di sicurezza in vigore all’IUE. Procederemo alla votazione di diversi punti che riguardano l’amministrazione della nostra associazione: presentazione e approvazione del Bilancio consuntivo 2019, quote, ecc. Ma parleremmo anche della Programmazione dell’Attività del Sindacato per il 2020. Per gli […]

Here Comes the Sun! – EUI confined symphony

Social distancing does not stop our colleagues to keep contact between co-workers and to tighten the links, even though social distancing still applies. Click to check out the collective rendition of Here Comes the Sun!

COVID-19 Donation from the EUI Union Association

During the COVID-19 period, the US-IUE Florence decided to make a donation to support those who work every day to protect our families and loved ones. This donation have been distributed between two associations for a total of 3000 €: 1) Sostieni gli ospedali della Toscana (Support Tuscan hospitals) and 2) Croce Rossa Italiana (Italy’s […]

AGORA 83 has just been published!

This new edition deals with the issues of Brain drain and Brain waste. How to enhance and attract talents? in a globalized world where productivity has become the sole factor of professional development to the detriment of job satisfaction and the promotion of talents in the work place. This edition was exceptionally edited by a […]

Together against COVID-19

The US-IUE Florence fully supports the EUI initiative and encourages its members to participate in the donation campaign to support those who work every day to protect our families and loved ones. Express your solidarity from this page Together we are stronger!

USF Federal Committee in Brussels on 1 February 2020

Two members of the US-IUE Florence took part to the last Federal Committee of the Union Syndicale Fédérale in Brussels on 1 February. Brexit and its consequences for our British colleagues (representing 3.8% of the staff within the EU Institutions at the time of the referendum) was obviously an important item on the agenda given […]

Staff Matters – Legal News service of Union Syndicale

If you want to be informed about latest developments in EU case law on staff matters and other useful legal news relevant for staff, please find hereby the issue in English and in French of the new monthly legal newsletter of the Union Syndicale Bruxelles. This edition focus on the calculation of transferred pension rights from the national pension scheme to […]

AGORA 82 has just been published!

A new issue of the magazine of the European and International Public Service, dedicated to “Nationalism, populism those dangers that threaten the European project” is available online. Content: Analysing the Micro-Politics of Right-Wing Populism (Ruth WODAK) Pro-europeans need to stop feeling defeatist (Bruno COLMANT) Brexit: made in England. How the rise of English nationalism decided that the UK […]