Who may become a member of the Employees Union?

Our Statute states explicitly:

Tout fonctionnaire, autre agent ou pensionné, ainsi que tout membre du personnel enseignant de l’Institut, peut demander à adhérer au syndicat. Nul ne peut être en même temps membre de l’Union Syndicale et d’une autre organisation syndicale ou professionnelle des fonctionnaires européens ou internationaux.” (Sec. IV, par. 1)

How do I join the Union?

Print the form (in English or in Italian), then fill out what is necessary and send it (i.e., on paper) with your signature to Agnès Brouet (Villa Salviati) or Laura Bechi (Badia Fiesolana).

Then go to your bank and arrange for a regular transfer (every 3 months) of the membership fee (see below).

Our IBAN code is: IT 43 J 06160 02800 0000 90735 C00.

If you bank at the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, you can print out a pre-filled transfer form.

How much are the membership dues?

The Executive Committee of the Union has kept the fees fixed for (at least) the past 8 years and has no immediate intention of raising them. The staff reform of 2004 made a readjustment of the fee table necessary, as the grade/career structure previously in force guiding the fee schedule became obsolete.

Notwithstanding, all current union members continue to pay the same fee as they did before; new members pay according to the following table (the “strange” values come from conversion rates in force at the moment of the introduction of the Euro):

Grade/Type Fee (3 months)
Contract agents (all) € 12,91
AST1 to AST5 € 15,49
AST6 to AST11 € 20,66
ADM (all) € 23,24
Teaching staff
Faculty € 23,24
Research Assistants € 12,91