Legal Assistance

The Union USF IUE offers to its members the possibility of legal assistance in dealing with legal problems related to their careers and positions under the Staff Regulations and/or the CEOS, in accordance with the USF IUE Florence Statute Article ‘V. Rights of members ‘.  

Such legal assistance comprises: 

  • an initial consultation with the Union’s lawyer specialising in the law of the European Civil Service; 
  • in cases where the member’s situation necessitates the immediate legal intervention of a lawyer (e.g. intervention before the hierarchy or Appointing Authority, complaint, action, assistance in a disciplinary procedure or procedure for incompetence, or in an administrative enquiry): 
    • the benefit of charges agreed between the lawyer and the Union; 
    • the possible coverage, pursuant to a decision of the Executive Committee, of all or part of the lawyer’s fees and expenses. 

 The Legal Agreement in place since 2 February 2024 between Union USF EUI and Avv. Michela Velardo, a lawyer specialised in international civil service, covers a maximum number of 60 individual sessions of 45 minutes per year. The agreement is valid for 12 months and is renewable.  

How it works

  • USF IUE Florence has at its disposal one afternoon per month with Avv. Velardo for up to 4 or 5 USF members, in individual sessions of 45 minutes at the cost of 50 € each.   
  • For a member’s first legal consultation in a year, the USF IUE might cover 50%, ie. 25 €  
  • Only where there are consultations or other legal assistance the convention agreement implies a cost for the Union.  


  • Only work-related cases are accepted, no private or personal matters.  
  • Only fully paid Union members may request up a session.  
  • Only members who have been members of the Union for at least six months are entitled to financial support from the Union, unless for: 
    • cases considered of Union’s interest; 
    • cases involving newly recruited staff members (e.g. on appointment decisions or end of probationary period reports); 
    • other exceptional circumstances. 
  • Spouses and orphans of deceased members are also eligible for legal assistance. 

The Union Executive Committee shall decide in each individual case the nature and extent of such assistance, based on the criteria detailed here. The Executive Committee may also fix a ceiling to the Union’s financial support, taking account of its financial situation. 

How to apply and procedure

  • Members submit the request for an online meeting with the lawyer to the Union’s president (and/or Vice-president), providing a brief presentation of the case to assess its eligibility.  
  • USF IUE President/VP collects cases and members’ names and indicates a date with lawyer.  
  • Lawyer sends meeting confirmation directly to the member.