Union Statements

50th Anniversary Celebration: US IUE Florence Reaffirms Commitment to Solidarity and Unity

On March 15, 2024, marking the 50th anniversary of the Union Syndicale Fédérale Europe’s inception, US IUE Florence gathered in Ispra alongside 14 member organizations to reaffirm the principles outlined in the New Declaration of Ispra. Represented by Vice-president Elena Iorio, US IUE Florence proudly continues the legacy of its predecessors who signed the inaugural […]

The EUI OTD Policy Framework: our perspective and action taken

Following the HR Call for Reclassification and Grade Adjustments on 29 February 2024, the EUI Employees Union provided public inputs to the discussion since September 2023 regarding the Organizational Talent Development (OTD) policy. The USF-IUE has actively presented its point of view on the topic through various channels, including meetings with HR and the Staff […]

Union Statement on externalised work

While we understand the potential benefits of outsourcing, we cannot support the total externalisation of specific services especially those that create a loss of in-house knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the Union warns against partial externalisation of similar functions within the same service and workplace as this creates unequal work and pay conditions for employees doing […]

Union Statement for cease fire, against war and call for donations for civilian victims

The Union condemns violence in all its forms and we believe that the war in Israel and Palestine must stop. A cease fire should be sought immediately. We call for donations from our members and greater community to contribute to humanitarian organisations for the protection of the civilian victims: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) […]

Union Statement on the Tessera Sanitaria and Social Dialogue​

The Union is concerned about the “PMO-Italy agreement’s” impact on our constitutional right to the SSN as citizens and residents of Italy and stresses that the legal grounds upon which it is being negotiated are still unclear. The Union stands by its belief that your nationality and your employer should not determine nor endanger your […]

Union Statement on Gender Balance

The EUI Employees Union values equality, diversity, and inclusion/inclusivity in any EUI activity and its workforce. We endeavour to highlight and advertise ongoing institutional collaborations that reflect a more equitable vision of our Institution.​

On police harassment incidents at SoU 2023: Statement of Support

We, the Union, believe that the incidents of police harassment at the State of the Union event in May 2023 indicate a need for an agreed set of rights extended to all EUI community when on campus. The Union stresses that codified guarantees on behaviour of visiting security (police and others) to the EUI campuses […]