On police harassment incidents at SoU 2023: Statement of Support

We, the Union, believe that the incidents of police harassment at the State of the Union event in May 2023 indicate a need for an agreed set of rights extended to all EUI community when on campus. The Union stresses that codified guarantees on behaviour of visiting security (police and others) to the EUI campuses […]

USF Unions’ second letter to the Italian Ministry of Health: 19 July 2023

On 19 July 2023 a joint letter  from the USF Unions in EUI Florence, ERC Ispra and ETF Torino was delivered via PEC by lawyer Michela Velardo to the Italian Ministry of Health and to Central office of JSIS. Main points addressed as critical: the agreement introduces a voluntary adherence to SSN, but also an […]

New Union Members Welcome Scheme

This scheme applies to the first year of a new Union member subscription. The Welcome scheme fees are proportionally reduced based on the ‘normal’ fees listed above, and should also be paid at one time. No proportional discounted rates are applied to renewals of membership. 100% for new subscriptions till 31 March 75% for new […]

16th Union Syndicale Fédérale Congress USF – Alicante, 6-9 May 2023

The 16th Union Syndicale Fédérale Congress USF Alicante took place in Alicante on 6-9 May and  3 members of the Union USF IUE Florence’s Executive Committee attended. The Union Syndicale Fédérale includes in total 20 member organisations, and the USF IUE is one of them. The Congress brought member organisations together to consolidate the fundamental […]

EUI Employee Union’s Position on SSN / TS

Your nationality and your employer should not determine nor endanger your right to health care! *** La tua nazionalità e il tuo datore di lavoro non possono né determinare né limitare il tuo dirito alla salute! Complete original version publicly available since November 2022. This slightly shortened revised version has been presented at the EUI […]

Letter to ministries on SSN / Tessera sanitaria

The EUI employees Union engaged lawyer Michela Velardo to draft a formal letter to the Ministries of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are especially pleased that we reached agreement with our sister unions, Union Syndicale Ispra (USI) and European Training Foundation USF-ETF, to co-sign the letter on 24 February supporting the right for all […]

EUI Townhall meeting on Tessera Sanitaria – November 2022

A Townhall open online meeting for EUI staff, administrative and academics on Health Cover for EUI Staff was convened by the Secretary General on 7 November 2022. The SG Office had extended the in person invitation to the Staff Committee members as well as the Union Executive Committee members. Minutes

Motion of the Council of the Piedmont Region on Tessera Sanitaria

The Council of the Piedmont Region approved a motion on 10 January 2023 against the “Tessera Sanitaria depotenziata con asterisco” and the proposed agreement between the European institutions and the Italian Health Ministry. The document clearly outlines the main reasons why this agreement should be rejected. Full text (in Italian).