JSIS: new ceilings, equality coefficients and rules on medically assisted reproduction

The new European Commission Decision C(2023) 7673, laying down general implementing provisions for the reimbursement of medical expenses, entered into force in November 2023. This includes Higher reimbursement ceilings and broader access to medically assisted reproduction. New equality coefficients have also been introduced in November 2023.

Summaries of HR – Union meetings

The Union will publish summaries of the meetings regularly held with HR, to further enhance transparency of the social dialogue and communication with our members. These documents are published on the “Minutes and Presentations” webpage under “HR meetings”. A summary of the joint HR-SC-Union meeting, which took place on 22 March 2024, has just been […]

AGORA special edition 50 years

The AGORA special edition commemorating the 50th anniversary of Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) reflects on five decades of advocacy and achievements for staff rights. From negotiating agreements to championing social dialogue, USF has shaped EU governance and employment policies. The edition highlights key moments in USF’s history and pays tribute to past and present members’ […]

50th Anniversary Celebration: US IUE Florence Reaffirms Commitment to Solidarity and Unity

On March 15, 2024, marking the 50th anniversary of the Union Syndicale Fédérale Europe’s inception, US IUE Florence gathered in Ispra alongside 14 member organizations to reaffirm the principles outlined in the New Declaration of Ispra. Represented by Vice-president Elena Iorio, US IUE Florence proudly continues the legacy of its predecessors who signed the inaugural […]

MAE note on volontary access to Italian health system

In the context of activities aimed at safeguarding staff members, USF-IUE closely monitors legislation concerning healthcare in Italy. We flag that the Ministry for Foreign Policy and Italian Development Cooperation note dated 7 March 2024 clarifies which individuals must pay a contribution to the health system if they wish to adhere to it on a […]

USF IUE Legal Assistance agreement signed on 2 February 2024

As announced in the Union Voice 14 of 22 December 2023 and following the Union USF IUE Florence Executive Committee representatives (online) meeting with Avv. Michela Velardo on 6 December 2023 with the aim of establishing and initiating an Agreement with a trusted legal professional, the Legal Assistance agreement was signed on 2 February 2024. […]

Union Statement on externalised work

While we understand the potential benefits of outsourcing, we cannot support the total externalisation of specific services especially those that create a loss of in-house knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the Union warns against partial externalisation of similar functions within the same service and workplace as this creates unequal work and pay conditions for employees doing […]

Solidarity with Italian Unions strike on 17 November

The Union USF IUE Florence signed on 14 November the petition in support for and solidarity with the Italian unions’ strike on 17 November in protest against the Budget law proposal. We signed as the 66th signature and at the moment of writing there are 127 signatures of the petition. The strike raises public awareness […]

Union Statement for cease fire, against war and call for donations for civilian victims

The Union condemns violence in all its forms and we believe that the war in Israel and Palestine must stop. A cease fire should be sought immediately. We call for donations from our members and greater community to contribute to humanitarian organisations for the protection of the civilian victims: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) […]

Union Statement on the Tessera Sanitaria and Social Dialogue​

The Union is concerned about the “PMO-Italy agreement’s” impact on our constitutional right to the SSN as citizens and residents of Italy and stresses that the legal grounds upon which it is being negotiated are still unclear. The Union stands by its belief that your nationality and your employer should not determine nor endanger your […]