Brussels Documents

Date Description
13.02.18 Brexit and the legal status of EU officials and other servants of British nationality
24.01.18 Fundamental rights – Final report of the Council of Europe
18.01.18 No — to Harassment!
26.10.17 Demande d’ouverture d’une concertation interinstitutionnelle concernant le Régime Commun d’Assurance Maladie
23.04.16 End-of-season sale of the Civil Service Tribunal (CST) and specialised judges in general. Reform of the European Justice abolishes the CST
24.10.15 European justice taken in an intergovernmental squeeze. USF’s critical comments on the proposed reform
 01-03.05.15  Documents issuing from the Dubrovnik Congress:
The European and International Public Service says NO to TiSA
Resolution on the recasting of the EU’s judicial framework and the planned abolition of the Civil Service Tribunal
Resolution concerning harassment and psycho-social risks
Resolution of USF concerning EU Delegations
Resolution concerning the regulatory agencies
Resolution on the urgent need to upgrade internal legislation and judiciaries