Our Services and Activities

Legal Advice

“For all issues relating to the Staff Regulations, every member can have the benefit of information from the Union’s legal channels. In case of need, the Executive Board may grant legal assistance, deciding case by case on the nature and extent of such assistance.” (Statutes)
The network of remote legal advice set up by the US Brussels provides access to consultation with specialised lawyers.
Regarding charges for the consultation, contact us.

For questions regarding private life, assistance from US-IUE is limited to initial advice or guidance given by a lawyer.

Advice on the Staff Regulations

The US-IUE Florence is at the disposal of members to provide advice and information on numerous matters regulated by implementing provisions of the Staff Rules.
If you have questions concerning your rights, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Help on Health Insurance

The Union is represented on the Sickness Insurance Management Committee, which was created to streamline the procedures related to the Health Insurance Scheme and to make them more transparent.
The Committee is called upon to deliver opinions on a number of aspects of health insurance and to propose or recommend to the Appointing Authority any measure necessary for the proper functioning of the scheme.

Information on the State of European Civil Service

Through its affiliation with the Union Syndicale fédérale, the US-IUE Florence belongs to the great family of European civil service.
The participation of Executive Board members in the meetings of the Federal Committee enables us to inform members about the situation in numerous EU institutions and other European bodies.

All of these services are conducted with the utmost discretion.

Working Groups

US-IUE Florence representatives are members of the following EUI working groups: