MAE note on volontary access to Italian health system

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In the context of activities aimed at safeguarding staff members, USF-IUE closely monitors legislation concerning healthcare in Italy.

We flag that the Ministry for Foreign Policy and Italian Development Cooperation note dated 7 March 2024 clarifies which individuals must pay a contribution to the health system if they wish to adhere to it on a voluntary basis.

This note interprets the provisions of paragraphs 240 and 241 of Article 1 of the Law 213 of 30 December 2023, and clarifies among other issues that in order to adhere to the health system on a voluntary basis, foreigners working for international organisations in Italy must pay the associated fee.

The above-mentioned provision must be read in conjunction with the consolidated text on the provisions concerning the regulation of immigration and rules on the conditions of foreigners (legislative decree n. 286 of 25 July 1998) which defines “foreigners” as “non-EU citizens”.

Based on the above, and in line with what USF-IUE has been advocating for years, EUI staff with EU citizenship should not adhere to the Italian health system on a voluntary basis and should not pay any associated yearly fee. The same conditions as Italian citizens should apply and this entails mandatory enrolment to the Italian health system, completely free of charge.

USF-IUE thanks all staff members for supporting their initiatives and is committed to update you on any progress.

Nota verbale 1412/0031555 del 7 Marzo 2024