The EUI OTD Policy Framework: our perspective and action taken

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Following the HR Call for Reclassification and Grade Adjustments on 29 February 2024, the EUI Employees Union provided public inputs to the discussion since September 2023 regarding the Organizational Talent Development (OTD) policy. The USF-IUE has actively presented its point of view on the topic through various channels, including meetings with HR and the Staff Committee (SC), as well as written submissions to HR on three separate occasions. A comprehensive overview of our engagement and requests is provided below:

  • 11 September 2023: Joint Union and SC comments were submitted to HR, outlining key concerns and suggestions regarding the OTD policy.
  • 10 October 2023: The Union Voice issue #12 contained an in-depth explanation of the OTD exercise, aimed at informing employees about the process and its implications.
  • 20 October 2023: Additional joint comments from the Union and the SC were conveyed to HR, reiterating the importance of addressing identified issues within the OTD policy.
  • 7 November 2023: A trilateral meeting involving HR, the Union, and the SC was held to discuss the OTD policy. During this meeting, the Union emphasized specific areas requiring clarification and improvement.
  • 13 November 2023: The EUI Union submitted further comments and questions regarding the OTD policy to HR, seeking clarification on specific aspects and advocating for transparency in the process.
  • 17 November 2023: Presentation and minutes from the Union General Assembly were disseminated, including a detailed overview of the evolution of the OTD policy and its impact on employees.

In addition to these formal engagements, the Union has consistently emphasized the importance of transparency, detailed explanation of procedures and timeline during monthly meetings with HR. This commitment to open communication and collaboration underscores our dedication to ensuring fair and equitable policies for all EUI employees.

Moving forward, the Union remains committed to actively engaging with HR and other relevant stakeholders, including the SC, to advocate for the interests and concerns of employees regarding the OTD policy and other pertinent matters affecting the EUI community.

Full text of Union’s comments and inputs (some submitted jointly with the SC) on the OTD Policy Framework