On police harassment incidents at SoU 2023: Statement of Support

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We, the Union, believe that the incidents of police harassment at the State of the Union event in May 2023 indicate a need for an agreed set of rights extended to all EUI community when on campus.

The Union stresses that codified guarantees on behaviour of visiting security (police and others) to the EUI campuses should include:

  1. Reassurance that the entire EUI community should be free to circulate, as normal, in the public areas of the EUI campuses so long as they are not the location for restricted events.
  2. That freedom of expression continue to apply during all and any events on campus.
  3. That no stops or challenges are made by police on campus without justification.
  4. That organizations responsible for police presence on campus agree that there will no practice of racial profiling on EUI campuses,
  5. That, despite obligation for all persons in Italy to carry an ID with them, any visiting security (police and others) should take into account that in order to enter the EUI campus there is a de facto security check performed.
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