Wellbeing workshop “12 tips to improve your work-life balance (a reminder)”

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Work-life balance is a key part of self-care when juggling the responsibilities of your working day, home life, and relationships with your family members and other loved ones.

Work-life balance is often used to describe a trade-off. You balance the time spent on work projects versus time spent with family, friends, and personal interests.

We all want and desire some sort of balance and we can get it sometimes, but we tend to slip back into our old patterns and routines. So let’s take yet another look at the ways we can get some balance back.

Andy Whittle will explore with you the benefits of working toward a better work-life balance. He will also look at some practical tips for improving it.

Come along with a pen and paper to write down the 12 tips you can use to find more balance in your day to day experiences at work and at home.

When: Tuesday 11 October from 12h30 to 14h (CEST)

Deadline to register: Friday 7 October, 16h (CEST)

Register here (if you wish to attend, you need to be a Union Syndicale member)

You will receive the link and password to join the workshop one day prior.

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