USF Federal Committee in Brussels on 1 February 2020

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Two members of the US-IUE Florence took part to the last Federal Committee of the Union Syndicale Fédérale in Brussels on 1 February.

Brexit and its consequences for our British colleagues (representing 3.8% of the staff within the EU Institutions at the time of the referendum) was obviously an important item on the agenda given that it entered into force on 31st January.

The status of lecturers in the European Schools and in particular the grey areas of their employment contracts was also discussed at length.

Numerous consultations are under way: harassment, pension rights and health insurance were at the heart of the discussions.

Last but not least it has been decided to create a Working Group to prepare a possible reform of the Staff Rules and Regulations. And obviously US-IUE Florence is going to be part of it and have its say!

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