AGORA 82 has just been published!

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A new issue of the magazine of the European and International Public Service, dedicated to “Nationalism, populism those dangers that threaten the European project” is available online.


  • Analysing the Micro-Politics of Right-Wing Populism (Ruth WODAK)
  • Pro-europeans need to stop feeling defeatist (Bruno COLMANT)
  • Brexit: made in England. How the rise of English nationalism decided that the UK should leave the EU (Steve BAINBRIDGE)
  • Nationalism — effects and ramifications (Vassilis SKLIAS)
  • Resistance to populist and nationalist drift (Filippo GIUFFRIDA)
  • Trade unions and radical right-wing populism (Peter SCHERRER)
  • Why the UK needs a second Referendum (Member of the Union Syndicale Council branch)
  • Europe needs a new dialogue between its civil service and its citizenry (Annelise RILES & Timothy MCLELLAN)
  • Social dialogue at European level. A much expected ruling from the court of justice of the EU (Peter KEMPEN)
  • Ver.di: : “a very inspiring Congress” (Peter KEMPEN)
  • The USF Congress invokes the European Social Charter (Peter KEMPEN)
  • A new Federal Committee (Nicolas MAVRAGANIS)
  • Looking back to understand and build the future (Raffaele NAPOLITANO & Ignazio IACONO)

Supplementary literature retrieved from Cadmus, European University Institute Research Repository [Open Access]

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