Orientation Day – We were there!

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On April 23, the Union participated in the Orientation Day organized by the Human Resources Service. The purpose of the event was to invite all newcomers (academic and administrative staff having joined the EUI between January 2018 and April 2018) to learn more about the Institute and its different services.

For the Union (together with the Staff Committee) it was a good opportunity to present ourselves and give concrete information to newcomers. The US-IUE Florence has the objective of defending both the individual and collective interests of all members of the staff, without distinction as to category (permanent or contract staff, active or retired) or nationality.Currently over 100 individuals, that is more than 50% of the Administrative Staff of the EUI, belong to the Union. Demonstrating that being part of the family of the European public service by way of the USF is also building solidarity and consolidating the EUI community.

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